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Destinations with MSC Cruises

Cruising today is the choice of those who wish to see the world in a relaxed and fun way, enjoying surroundings that
are as gorgeous as the destinations they visit.


South Africa

Located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, South Africa is perhaps one of the most stunning countries in the world, with world-class
wildlife, the dramatic panorama of Table Mountains, quality beaches and dynamic, cosmopolitan cities, together with people that are now residing in
harmony after years of discriminatory rule.

Today, travellers to Africa are drawn to its diverse landscapes, which include the snowy Drakensberg mountains (where skiing is possible) to the
Karoo semidesert. The climate here is just as varied, from the desert heat of the Namib region to the tropical temperatures of the east coast
towards Mozambique.

The far south has a climate similar to the Mediterranean, which is what cruise passengers will find when travelling on our South African cruise
itinerary to Cape Town which is also the region where the famous vineyards flourish. English is spoken here, and as soon as you set eyes on the
beautiful scenery that acts as a backdrop to Cape Town, you will be eager to come ashore.

Cape Town, like the rest of the country, has something for everyone.

Enjoy the best deals on attractions such as a cable ride to the top of Table Mountain or a wine tasting trip into the vineyards. Indulge in world-class
shopping and stop for refreshments, sampling local dishes such as biltong, sausage and ostrich steak.

Cape Town, South Africa
Durban, South Africa

MSC Destinations - Cape Town, South Africa

Whatever time of day you arrive in Cape Town on your luxury MSC cruise liner, whether early morning or late evening, passengers are always amazed by the majestic skyline of this South African city and the dramatic Table Mountain that rises above the city’s pretty harbour.

Although one of the busiest ports in South Africa, this is a stunning holiday destination; explorer Sir Francis Drake described it as "...the fairest Cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth," when he sailed into Table Bay in 1580.

We believe the only drawback you’ll experience in this city lies in knowing what to do first! Join MSC Cruises on a cruise to Cape Town for the best activities and sight-seeing trips in the region.

Venture out of town to South Africa’s famous historic vineyards, or experience world-class shopping in this city, ideal for walking due to its compact, tourist-friendly size. The adventurous may enjoy a cable ride to the top of Table Mountain, the perfect spot to take in the sweeping, breathtaking views of the Table Mountain National Park.

With world-class global cuisine on the menu in many of Cape Town’s excellent restaurants, there is a lot for gourmets to enjoy, and the authentic local specialities of biltong and curried mince are worth sampling, too. Cape Town offers a sojourn off the ship that is not to be missed - one that we guarantee will be a memorable highlight of your cruise vacation.

MSC Destinations - Durban, South Africa

One of the high points of your holiday on MSC Cruises luxury South Africa cruise is, undoubtedly, when your stunning ship pulls into the diverse and beautiful city of Durban. Seen from the vantage of your MSC liner, Durban’s majestic skyline soars above this bustling port and the sweeping sandy beaches below.

MSC Cruises offer some of the best cruise vacation deals around. Durban tops off our South Africa cruise package with an exciting day out on shore.

A unique holiday destination, Durban is situated in the KwaZulu Province of South Africa and is the second largest city in South Africa.

Founded by British settlers in 1835, the city was named after Sir Benjamin Durban, then governor of Cape Town. Locally known as Thekwini, Durban is South Africa’s leading beach resort destination with ideal year-round beach weather and a relaxed atmosphere. Located along Africa’s southernmost tip, Durban has an extraordinary ambiance and is known as Africa’s ‘busiest and best-managed port’.

Durbanites truly regard their city as cosmopolitan: a melting pot of cultures, religions and history that has given rise to an extraordinarily rich and appealing destination. Durban is a great place to play, shop, experience nightlife and relax on one of the city’s award-winning beaches.

The city’s multi-ethnic character makes it the perfect place to experience the delights of African and Indian cuisine.

Mossel Bay, South Africa
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

MSC Destinations - Mossel Bay, South Africa

Mossel Bay (meaning ‘mussel bay’) is a coastal village and harbour on the Western Cape province of South Africa.

The latest addition to MSC Cruises’ South African cruise itinerary, Mossel Bay is situated along South Africa’s verdant ‘Garden Route’, a densely vegetated stretch of coastline located east of Cape Town. Mossel Bay will appeal to all passengers, from nature-lovers to families, history buffs and those simply seeking sun and relaxation.

With excursion packages to match all traveller needs, you can leave your luxury liner, come ashore for the day and make the most of our great deals on local sights and activities - the best way to get a feel for this newly-popular holiday spot.

Spotting the southern right whales is a favourite pastime here: trips can easily be arranged, or the whales can sometimes be spotted from the shore. Treat the children to great days out at the Jukani Wildlife Ranch, home to the big cats (jaguars, lions, leopards), just outside Mossel Bay or the local aquarium.

Pick up a unique souvenir of your vacation and learn more about local handicrafts at the Mossel Bay Craft Art workshop; you could even combine this with a ‘Meet the People’ tour in the rural areas surrounding Mossel Bay, meeting entrepreneurs and crafts people and experiencing the cultural richness of this region.

Many passengers will be eager to leave the ship if only to visit Seal Island, home to 2500 Cape Fur seals. Boat trips take place every day, so be sure to bring your camera and get ready learn more about these delightful creatures.

MSC Destinations - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Life’s a Cruise in South Africa’s Windy City - Discover Port Elizabeth with MSC Cruises

Board one of our sumptuous liners and cruise your way to the breezy lifestyle of South Africa’s Port Elizabeth, a major seaport that is aptly nicknamed both “The Windy City” and “The Friendly City”.

Take advantage of one of the best deals around and book yourself or even the whole family on one of our luxury cruises to South Africa and the bustling city of Port Elizabeth, situated in Algoa Bay.

Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime as you discover the city’s sights, explore the beautiful and malaria-free wildlife areas surrounding the city, relax on pristine beaches and soak up the easy ambience of this coastal paradise and its pleasant, subtropical climate.

The area around Algoa Bay was first settled as far back as 100,000 years ago, but the modern-day city of Port Elizabeth was founded in 1820 and named after the wife of Rufane Donkin, the colonial governor at the time. Today, the port forms part of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro region and its long and varied history is evident at every turn. The Donkin Heritage Trail is a great place to start taking in the city’s sights.

But don’t just take our word for it - see for yourself and book your luxury cruise to South Africa with MSC Cruises today. Prepare to be pampered and enjoy first-class cuisine, stylish interiors and spectacular views.

In short, your dream vacation awaits you and, best of all, it’s only a call away!


Mozambique is a country in southeast Africa and which is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, in the east.

The country borders other African countries of South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Swaziland. Although independently governed,
Mozambique is part of the Community of Portuguese-language countries, and Portuguese is the official language here, although only 40% of the
population can speak it.

Mozambique boasts stunning beaches, magical islands, clear, clean seas perfect for diving and the 4,000 square-metre Gorongosa National Park,
one of Africa’s leading wildlife areas. The north of Mozambique is much wilder than the south, which is now rapidly developing into a popular African
tourist destination.

MSC Cruise liners call at the uninhabited nature reserve of Portuguese Island as well as the fashionable and lively port of Maputo, the capital of
Mozambique, located in the far south of the country. In Maputo visitors can look forward to a city with a dynamic atmosphere and elegant Portuguese
colonial architecture. Spend the local currency, meticals, on authentic African handicrafts such as masks and carvings made from wood, soapstone or

Bazaruto, Mozambique
Inhambane, Mozambique

MSC Destinations - Bazaruto, Mozambique

Seeking a tropical island dream? Enjoy an MSC cruise to Bazaruto Island
The island of Bazaruto (formerly under Portuguese rule) is an undeveloped sandy island located in the Indian Ocean. Bazaruto lies off the shores of Mozambique, in Southeast Africa and measures just 37 kilometres long by 7 kilometres wide.

The island has no cars, shops or tourist ‘attractions’ as such, but offers something quite unique: it is a dreamy tropical island that cruise travellers can discover whilst holidaying on our MSC South Africa cruise itineraries.

Our luxury MSC cruise liners will call at Durban, enabling passengers to travel out to the Bazaruto Archipelago.

The five sandy islands of the archipelago feature many freshwater lakes: look out for the native crocodiles and the island’s more friendly inhabitants such as butterflies, water birds and stunning pink flamingos.

Join us on a shore excursion package around Bazaruto to ensure you enjoy the best deals on outings here and to experience a slice of this remote and authentic destination.

The vacation activities here are nature orientated - take time to soak up the simple pleasures of this lovely island nature reserve: swim in the azure waters or take a trip surf fishing or big game fishing.

You can tour Bazaruto on a traditional ‘dhow’ (sailing boat), and admire the spectacular sunsets as you return to the cruise ship after your day in paradise.

MSC Destinations - Inhambane, Mozambique

A tropical paradise with swaying palm trees and great beaches

Lying along Mozambique’s tropical east coast, the idyllic region of Inhambane (pronounced In-yam-baan) is a dream destination on MSC Cruises’ South African cruise itinerary.

Our MSC ships call at the port of Inhambane in Inhambane Bay 470 km northeast of Maputo and here, a day spent away from your luxury liner is one filled with the typical sights of a tropical paradise, from swaying palm trees and great beaches - blended with a lively mix of culture and history stretching back to the 11th century.

Our wide variety of excursion packages for this destination ensures that all passenger tastes are catered for and you benefit from the best deals on your chosen activities.

Those for whom ‘vacation’ means ‘relaxation’ will be happy sitting in the harbour front, watching the local sailing boats, or ‘dhows’, glide gracefully into port, with drink in hand. Sporty passengers looking for an idyllic underwater experience are well advised to use this destination as a chance to experience some world-class water sports; the Barra peninsula and Tofo beach (about one hour away) offers great diving and snorkelling opportunities.

Nature lovers may wish to seek out a whale-watching trip for a truly unforgettable holiday adventure. Culture buffs can explore Inhambane itself; highlights include the local museum, the old mosque and shopping for spices and nuts in the local ‘mercado’, or market.

Maputo, Mozambique
Portuguese Island, Mozambique

MSC Destinations - Maputo, Mozambique

Portuguese colonial heritage married with vibrant African culture
Located in the South African country of Mozambique, Maputo is one of Africa’s most beautiful and fashionable cities.

A large, lively port town, Maputo’s former Portuguese colonial heritage is married with vibrant African culture, creating an exciting cosmopolitan mix. Portuguese colonial rule only ended in 1975 when the city’s name was changed from Lourenço Marques to Maputo.

A wonderful stop-over point along your South African cruise vacation, in this pretty city elegant Portuguese villas jostle with modern urban architecture. The impressive towering skyline is one of the first sights passengers will see from aboard the luxury MSC cruise liner.

Choose from a range of great excursion packages for your day away from ship and be sure to take advantage of our best deals on outings. These include a fun city tour and a visit to Maputo’s bustling lively markets, afternoon tea at the glamorous 5-star Polano hotel or, for the more adventurous, a jeep excursion to secluded beaches outside the city where you can soak up the sun and experience a slower pace.

Why not experience local life and take a stroll round the colourful ‘Mercado’ or covered market, with stalls piled high with exotic fruit and vegetables, carvings and traditional leather goods and shop for a holiday souvenir.

Take a well-earned break for lunch and sample the Maputo speciality of ‘peri-peri’ prawns - a local dish of spicy, fresh Mozambique shrimp.

MSC Destinations - Portuguese Island, Mozambique

Pristine beaches, dense vegetation, pleasant lagoons and small patches of mangrove.

A visit to Portuguese Island in Mozambique is possibly the best way to truly feel you have ‘got away from it all’ on your cruise vacation.

Why? Because this island is an uninhabited nature reserve with pristine beaches, dense vegetation, pleasant lagoons and small patches of mangrove, making for a real ‘desert island’ experience! Yes, passengers on our South African cruise will truly experience one of the most amazing corners of our globe as they venture into the tropical island paradise that is Portuguese Island.

MSC Cruises has an agreement with the Mozambican government to use Portuguese Island for shore excursions during the summer season. With our deep experience in organizing on-shore package deals and excursions to Portuguese Island, we can ensure a secure and exhilarating day away from the ship that offers a break from being onboard the luxury cruise liner.

Passengers can use transport from the ship (via inflatable zodiac boats) to Portuguese Island for a day full of fun activities, including a beach stroll and a chance to sample local cuisine. The Islands are located next to the larger neighbouring Inhaca Island, which is a Royal Kingdom.

A short optional transfer to Inhaca allows you to visit a local village, bars, restaurants and souvenir merchants. Included in our day trip deal is a holiday barbeque on the beach at Portuguese Island, weather permitting.


The wild and beautiful island of Madagascar, now made better known thanks to the popular animated film of the same name, is a lush tropical island in
the Indian Ocean, located off the south-east coast of Africa.

Slightly larger than France, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and has an incredibly diverse mix of flora and fauna; 200,000 species
of the world's plant and animal species live here including 90% of the world’s the lemur monkeys.

Madagascar is made up of rainforest and lakes as welll as high, barren plateaus with exposed red soil. The weather is hot and rainy from November to
April, and cooler and dry from May to October.

Architecture on the island is more akin to Southeast Asian styles than European or African; houses are wooden with peaked rooves, rather than
circular, as in neighbouring Africa. The cuisine, too, is a fusion of European, Asian and African influences, with rice forming a key part of all dishes.

MSC cruise ships travel to exotic Madagascar and the nearby island of Nosy Be during our South African cruise itineraries. Whatever your taste, you
will find an exciting array of excursion packages to suit you on this fantastic island from animal watching and nature trekking, snorkelling and diving,
exploring the beaches and whale watching on the east coast, not to mention numerous opportunities for amateur photographers.

Be sure to step ashore and look forward to experiencing one of the world’s most memorable islands.

Port d'Ehoala - Fort Dauphin, Madagascar
Ile St Marie, Madagascar

MSC Destinations - Fort Dauphin, Madagascar

Madagascar is an enchanting holiday destination and MSC Cruises calls at a number of destinations on the island: there are endless opportunities for unforgettable vacation memories away from your MSC cruise ship.

In addition to Tulear and Nosy Be, Port d’Ehoala at Fort Dauphin is another great place to visit and is located on one of the island’s most beautiful stretches of coast.

Situated to the south of Madagascar, Port d’Ehoala is a newly built port and our luxury cruise liner, MSC Sinfonia was the first vessel ever to dock at the port. From here passengers can visit the colonial town of Fort Dauphin, the gateway to a whole host of great excursions and activities. Locally known as the ‘place of dreams’ this lush setting, with its clear waters and green mountains will hold particular appeal for nature-lovers.

Our selection of excursion packages represents the wide variety of things to do here - choose from any of our day trips for the best deals in this region. Visit the Saiadi Botanic Garden for example, home to native flora and fauna such as orchids, crocodiles, birds and butterflies.

Just 40 km away is the renowned Berenty Reserve, the ideal place to spot different types of lemurs. The Andohahela National Reserve is another popular destination, a lush paradise of baobab, pachymodiums and palm trees.

Those who choose to stay in Fort Dauphin itself will be rewarded with some of the best seafood on the island - food lovers should note that Fort Dauphin is the ‘lobster capital’ of Madagascar!

MSC Destinations - Ile St Marie, Madagascar

Sandy beaches, coral reefs, lush forests alive with the sound of waterfalls and exotic birds.

Ile St Marie is also known as Nosy Baraha, and is a neighbour to Nosy Be Island, one of the ports of call for MSC cruise liners. St Marie is a narrow island located off the east coast of Madagascar, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean.

Like Madagascar, Ile de St Marie is characterized by its stunning natural beauty; here you’ll find miles of sandy beaches shaded by coconut palms, bays and coves full of coral reefs, lush green hills and forests alive with the sound of waterfalls, exotic birds and lemurs.

Nature lovers will be in their element here, and we have an extensive programme of excursion packages that cover the best of what this island has to offer. Leave your cruise ship for the day and take advantage of our excellent deals on trips such as whale watching (humpbacks, during July - October), one of the best places to see whales in Madagascar. Seek out orchids in their natural habitat and see these exquisite plants including the Queen of Madagascar in their native setting.

Don’t miss the unique pirate cemetery on Rogue Bay, resting place of notorious seafarers William Kidd and Blackbeard. Take a boat trip to the nearby islands of the Ile aux Nattes or the Ile aux Sables. Make your holiday complete with world-class swimming, snorkelling or a glass-bottom boat ride.

Ile de St Mary is an essential part of your South Africa cruise, sure to prove a memorable part of your cruise vacation.


Namibia is a country in southwest Africa, featuring the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the
countries of Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa around it.

The official language is English, although Afrikaans is also spoken here. Namibia is home to several deserts including the large and arid Namib
Desert, the better-known Kalahari Desert and the Coastal Desert, one of the oldest in the world and an extremely rich source of diamonds, making
Namibia one of the largest diamond producers in the world. In addition to these desert regions Namibia also boasts a rugged and scenic coastline and
densely wooded areas (the Bushveld).

A stunning country and a dream destination for keen photographers Namibia is one of Africa’s youngest and most visually beautiful countries.

MSC Cruise liners travel to Africa during our Ocean voyages itineraries and our ships call at Walvis Bay. ‘Walvis’ stems from the word ‘whales’,
attributed to the previously large number of these mammals that fed on the rich marine life found in the Walvis Bay’s deep harbour. Visitors today may
still be lucky enough to spot one of these amazing creatures.

With such rich landscapes in this area, passengers who wish to leave their cruise ship for the day can look forward to an array of excursion packages,
with activities to suit nature-lovers (come flamingo watching!) thrill seekers as well as sports fans and history buffs. If you have some of the local
currency (Namibian dollar), shop for native crafts such as wood carvings, woven mats, painted ostrich eggs or high-quality gemstones.

Luderitz, Namibia
Walvis Bay, Namibia

MSC Destinations - Luderitz, Namibia

Take a trip back in time to the colonial beauty of Luderitz on Namibia’s southern coast on a luxury cruise with MSC Cruises.

Splendid colonial architecture, Namibian sunshine and the South Atlantic ocean can be yours to enjoy when you cruise to Luderitz with MSC Cruises.

With penguins, sharks and seals populating the coastal waters, a nearby ghost town to explore, superb seafood to enjoy and local beer brewed in compliance with Germany’s strict beer purity laws to wash it all down, the beautiful town of Luderitz on Namibia’s southern coast has much to offer.

Founded in 1883 and named after its founder, a wealthy German merchant from the Hanseatic city of Bremen, Luderitz began life as a trading post. Once diamonds had been found in the area at the beginning of the 20th century, the port enjoyed a period of economic boom - until richer deposits were found elsewhere.

Recently, the town has been the scene of much restoration work, resulting in an appealing waterfront that draws many visitors. The beautiful Art Nouveau architecture of the port are best enjoyed on foot. As you stroll through town, let yourself be transported back in time to get an idea of life in those bygone days.

Heading a little way inland will take you to a fascinating reminder of Namibia’s mining history: the eerie ghost town of Kolmanskop, which existed for only 46 years before being abandoned to the encroaching sands of the Namib desert. And out to sea, the Penguin Islands off the Namibian coast provide important breeding grounds for penguins, seals and various species of endangered birds.

So why not reward yourself with the sort of vacation you deserve - on a luxury cruise to South Africa with MSC Cruises? We deliver holidays you’ll remember with pleasure.

MSC Destinations - Walvis Bay, Namibia

A huge natural lagoon with seabirds, rare flamingos and pelicans
Situated off the Atlantic coast of Africa, Walvis Bay is the name of both this popular holiday town in Namibia and the bay in which it lies.

The deepwater harbour is a haven for sea vessels and many luxury cruise liners dock here. However, these deep waters are also rich in plankton and marine life and previously drew large numbers of whales, which contributed to the port’s name.

The Dutch - who colonized the area in the 17th century - referred to it as Walvisch Baye, the English as Whale Bay, with an eventual agreement on Walvis Bay, via Walfish Bay! Today, Walvis Bay, with its large bay and sand dunes, is the tourist activity centre of Namibia.

A particular attraction of the area is the huge natural lagoon with its abundance of seabirds, including rare flamingos and pelicans, which are joined every year by 200,000 migratory birds. As this is an area of outstanding natural beauty, there are many options for spending your time away from ship.

To help you, we have put together a great selection of sightseeing packages and best deals on local holiday attractions. Some key sights include the artificial Bird Island, the ‘Dune 7’ sand dune which is one of the highest crests in the dune belt along the west coast of Namibia and perfect for eco-friendly quad biking.

Nature-lovers will enjoy the fantastically rich birdlife on the Swakopmund & City Tour and sports fans can take in the Kuisbmund Stadium, home to Namibia’s Premier League football clubs… all these make up the ingredients of an ideal vacation, with something to suit everyone!


The stunning island of Martinique is located in the Indian Ocean and lies off the south coast of Africa.

Mauritius has become a chic holiday destination in recent years and is home to prestigious hotels as well as a whole range of activities including golf,
trekking, quad biking and horse-riding, not to mention world-class beaches which are home to the world’s third largest coral reef and popular with divers.

The island’s culture draws on its French and Creole heritage (although English is the official language here), expressed in diverse cuisine, with these
influences often found in the same meal. Dishes can be washed down with the excellent rum (made from the sugar cane produced on the island) which is
made here.

MSC cruise liners call at the capital of Port Louis, a bustling port town with much to offer holidaymakers. You’ll see fine examples of French 18th century
colonial architecture and may wish to visit the old part of the town (Maheburg) to visit an artist village built in typical Creole style.

We have a large selection of different excursion packages for Port Louis, so you can enjoy the best deals on the sights, simply stroll the capital soaking up
the atmosphere or take a pleasure trip out of town. Note that Mark Twain wrote ‘Mauritius was made first, then heaven’ - this may give lucky cruise
passengers a taste of what to expect from this tropical island!

Port Louis, Mauritius

MSC Destinations - Port Louis, Mauritius

A bustling harbour and port on a cerulean sea.

During our South Africa cruise, your luxury cruise ship will stop off at Port Louis, the capital
and main port on the island of Mauritius. Offering an interesting and relaxing day trip on shore, Port Louis is just
one of our exciting and varied destinations that you’ll find along our South African cruise itinerary.

Glimpsed from your luxury liner, this island in the Indian Ocean rises out of a cerulean sea, displaying its famous
ring of mountains that shelter the bustling harbour and port, a centre of commerce and trade for the island.

Historically in Dutch and French ownership, the two cultures have left their mark on this charming city.
Port Louis has conserved many historic and colonial buildings through the years and elegant, well-preserved
French buildings from the 17th century are a treat for architecture buffs.

Those in the mood for a spot of shopping will find plenty of enticing items, either in the covered markets,
the Port Louis Bazaar or along the well-appointed main streets lined with palm trees.

Port Louis offers good opportunities for sightseeing, from the city’s museums to Mauritian
Chinatown its fort, La Citadelle, built by the British in 1835 and which dominates the city. So whether
bargain hunting, bird watching at the Casela Bird Park or getting away from it all on nearby
Paradise Island, make sure you meet us in Port Louis!


The French-governed Reunion Island is located in the Indian Ocean, 500 miles east of Madagascar, off the east coast of the African continent.
A little off-the-beaten track, the Reunion Island has long been a treasured secret of the world’s most seasoned travellers, as well as French tourists.

As a département of France, Réunion is part of the Euro-zone. At 980 square miles large, Reunion boasts 17 miles of excellent beaches and the inland
interior features a dramatic mountain range including an active volcano, the Piton de la Fournaise. This island has much to offer in addition to simply
spectacular scenery.

MSC cruise liners travel to this beautiful island during our South African cruise itineraries. We call at the main port town of La Possession, from where
cruise passengers can head out to the island’s capital, St Denis. Here visitors will find elegant French-style squares as well as lovely colourful colonial
architecture, all set against an amazing natural landscape.

Explore this natural paradise with the help of our excursion packages, which will also provide you the best deals on activities such as scuba diving (the
warm waters reach temperatures of 23 - 29°!), visiting a spice garden or local vanilla plantation. Spices and vanilla also make wonderful souvenirs to
take home as a reminder of your vacation here.

La Possession, Reunion

MSC Destinations - La Possession, Reunion

A treasured secret of the world’s most seasoned travellers.

At MSC Cruises we truly enjoy giving our passengers aboard our luxury
cruise liners the vacation of a lifetime, which is why we include excursions to
the world’s beautiful and best holiday spots.

A little off-the-beaten track, the Reunion Island has long been a treasured secret of the
world’s most seasoned travellers. The ship will dock in the marina of Pointe des Galets, the main port
of Reunion Island on this French-governed overseas territory in the Indian Ocean.

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to visit the island, finding it uninhabited in 1513,
and naming it Santa Apollonia. At 980 square miles large, Reunion Island is situated 500 miles
east of Madagascar. In addition to its 17 miles of excellent beaches, the interior of the island features a
dramatic mountain range including an active volcano that makes for breathtaking views. This
island has much to offer in addition to simply spectacular scenery.

Opt for a trip to the capital of St. Denis and get acquainted with elegant French squares,
streets and a wealth of modern art by Picasso and Gauguin in the Leon Dierx Museum. Architecture
fans will adore the colourful Creole homes that make up the town, and some are open to the public.

With dramatic landscapes, most visitors head inwards, visiting the scented vanilla plantations,
the breathtaking volcanic ravines or the spice and perfume gardens, lush with native plants.

Take your pick from our day trip outings below and see why, once again MSC always
provide the best possible vacation package for you to enjoy!

Saint Helena

Saint Helena, named after St Helena of Constantinople, is an island of volcanic origin in the South Atlantic Ocean.

It is part of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha which also includes Ascension Island and the islands of
Tristan da Cunha.

The island was uninhabited when discovered by the Portuguese in 1502. It is one of the most isolated islands in the world. For centuries, it was an
important stopover for ships sailing to Europe from Asia and South Africa. The British also used the island as a place of exile, most notably for
Napoleon I and more than 5,000 Boer prisoners. Saint Helena is now Britain's second oldest remaining colony (after Bermuda).

Jamestown, Saint Helena

MSC Destinations - Jamestown, Saint Helena

An intriguing mix of sophisticated France and nature-loving Britain.

Jamestown is the capital town of the island of Saint Helena, a British overseas territory
located in the South Atlantic Ocean, at the midpoint between South America and Africa.

Jamestown is one of our latest additions to our transatlantic cruise itineraries. MSC cruise ships
call at this delightful port (and potential UNESCO World Heritage site) to allow passengers to experience
this vibrant sea port and its unspoilt tropical island landscape with unique volcanic architecture.

Step off your luxury liner for the day and into the single-street capital and explore the myriad
of attractions which are covered in our excursion packages. Join us on a guided tour and enjoy the
best deals on top attractions such as Longwood House, where Napoleon spent his final years in exile. With a
population of just over 700, local residents are friendly and delighted to share their culture and cuisine with visitors.

Keen photographers and very fit passengers may like to tackle the 699 of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’
an iconic island landmark and which stretches 600 ft high (purchase a certificate at the top as proof
of your feat!). Gentler holiday activities can be found shopping for local handicrafts whilst history buffs can
opt for a tour around Plantation House built in 1792 and which is home to giant tortoises
living in the grounds, one of which is apparently 171 years old!

Jamestown, far from the madding crowd and with lush, volcanic landscapes will offer a quiet
haven during your cruise vacation - a little-known gem of an island and the ideal place to recharge and relax.


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